22 October 2019,   11:20
Exposed State Security Agent - UNM member was questioned in connection with Senaki incident

The head of Senaki regional organization of the "National Movement" was questioned till late night. Lasha Kuchava"s questioning was related to the detention by the opposition representatives of the State Security Agent yesterday, who had been conducting secret surveillance during the opposition"s regional meeting in Senaki. After the questioning, Kuchava accused the deputy head of the regional police department of threats and intimidation. Giorgi Korsantia denies the accusation but does not speak about details. The incident happened in Senaki during the regional meeting. The employee of the State Security was conducted secret surveillance. Representatives of the "National Movement" claimed that the person illegally broke into the closed house and carried out the secret surveillance of the opposition meeting. Opposition parties in Senaki talked about rallies planned on Rustaveli Avenue today. They support Davit Saralidze"s father and are going to the rally.