23 October 2019,   08:03
Murder case of juveniles - Merab Morchadze to be charged for putting pressues on witness Kalandia

Merab Morschadze, who was detained within the murder case in Khorava Street, will be officially charged in several minutes. He is accused of influencing witnesses, which Morchadze disagrees with.
According to the accusation Merab Morchadze was conducting pressure on one of the witnesses in the case, Mikhail Kalandia and requested to change the testimony in favor of one of the participants in the case. In addition, Morchadze is a close relative of the Kalandia family. Morchadze"s lawyer confirms this acquaintance but categorically denies the part of the pressure.
As for Mirza Subeliani, he will be charged presumably tomorrow.