19 September 2019,   22:00
Do not think that you are really in the majority - confrontation and noise at the temporary investigative commission

The noise and confrontation at the session of the temporary investigative commission started after the questioning of the parents of the teenagers killed in Khorava Street.

After the interrogation of Levan Dadunashvili"s family members, commission members continued to work on various technical issues, but this meeting turned into a confrontation between the parliamentary majority and "European Georgia".

The controversy started after Eka Beselia, a member of the parliamentary majority, said that if the experts were to be involved in the work of the commission, their identity should be known to all members of the commission in advance.

It is categorically unacceptable for the majority members that senior MIA officials of the previous government, Zaza Chaia and Irakli Kadagidze will work in the Temporary Investigation Commission.

After this, the controversy at the Commission sitting turned into a political confrontation.

According to Giga Bokeria, the deputy leader of the parliamentary minority faction, the member of the "European Georgia", talking about specific experts is in principle wrong.

" I listened to you, do you think that it was a plasure for me to listen to you? I understand that psychologically it is difficult to find oneself in the minority of the majority, but you will have to get accustomed to that, "Giga Bokeria told Eka Beselia.

In response, Eka Beselia, the Chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee, said that the members of the ruling party decided that the parliamentary minority had a majority in the temporary investigative commission.

"Do not think that you are really in the majority , it"s a very temporary, time-bound thing, so often recall it because you can believe that," said Eka Beselia.