21 May 2019,   19:50
I do not know about cars - Economy Minister responds to scandalous case of Omega Group

"I am not aware of cars, I am honestly telling you and there are so many things happening in my sphere and in this country that can not be aware of everything," said Giorgi Kobulia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, regarding "Omega Group`s" scandalous audio recordings.

The Minister said that he did not know details about Omega Group case because he held meetings with the European Commission, but said he had information about the financial debt of this company. According to Giorgi Kobulia, the company must cover the debts.

"If someone violated the law, everyone should respond to the violation of the law ... I do not know about Omega Group, I only can tell what I have read. If the company has debt to the budget or I"ve learned that this company has debts against banks, it will not br forgiven, everyone should payobligations to the budget and to pay the debt to banks, "- said the Minister.

According to Giorgi Kobulia, if such violations are observed, the investigation must be interested in it.
Courier has received a new record regarding the Omega Group"s case, from which it is found out that expensive cars for ministers were extorted from the founders of "Omega" .

One of the founders of "Georgian Dream" Levan Kipiani and "Omega Group" management representatives talk about it in recording obtained by "Courier".

Levan Kipiani requests expensive cars and money for two ministers, Nodar Khaduri and Dimitri Kumsishvili.