26 June 2019,   16:57
Otar Partskhaladze is not linked with the Partnership Fund and never was - David Saganelidze

David Saganelidze, the Head of the Partnership Fund denies any connection with Otar Partskhaladze.

The head of the Partnership Fund says that the former prosecutor does not have anything to do with the Partnership Fund and its companies. Saganelidze does not understand yesterday"s explanations of Partskhaladze"s lawyer , where he named the aviation factory as a source of enrichment of the former Prosecutor.

"A legal department of the Partnership Foundation made an explanation yesterday and I will not add anything. I can tell you that neirher in the process of work, nor as a founder nororconsultant, Mr. Partskhaladze never had anything with the Partnership Fund and will never have,"- said Saganelidze.