20 February 2020,   15:34
According to "Courier", criminal boss Lavas Oghli was released from prison

Criminal bosses become lifebuoys for the ruling party before the second round of elections.

Lawful thieves are involved in the mobilization of the votes for the "Georgian Dream", a reliable source tells "Courier" that before the presidential election, criminal authority Mindia Goradze known as Lavas Oghli will be broughy from Turkey to Batumi.
Goradze left the Turkish prison today and it will probably be in a few hours in Batumi.

The family members of the criminal authority do not speak with Rustavi 2.
Goradze`s sister said she would not confirm this information to "the Courier."

Lavas Oghli was detained in January, 2016, but he was released several days before the elections in 2017. The failure to prove the guilt was named as the reason. Later he was detained in Turkey, but it seems that he will be in Batumi for the second round of the 2018 presidential election