02 July 2020,   23:29
Elections may reach unprecedented scale of rigging - opposition claims that the list of those willing to be delivered the mobile box is increased

The presidential election may reach unprecedented scale of rigging. The opposition publicizes a new scheme developed by the ruling party, which will ensure mobilization of votes for the benefit of the government.

Number of persons who need mobile boxes has increased in the second round of presidential elections. According to official data, a large number of voters demanded delivery of a mobile ballot box before the second round, only in Samgori, this number is increased by 700%.

The United Opposition found that people who are unable to move are completely healthy and can go to the polling station independently. In addition to healthy people, the voters who do not live at the given address are also included in the list of persons who need mobile boxes .

In another recording published by the United Opposition, one of the members of the election commission confirms that the healthy members of the family were forced to be included in the list of mobile boxes.

Opposition parties say that "Georgian Dream" will use mobile ballot boxes simultaneously for two schemes.

Opposition"s accusations are called absurd in the ruling team. In the "Georgian Dream" they say they do not need to fraud the election.

According to the law, more than three percent of the total voters should not use the mobile box, but the law is violated during the second round. It turns out that the CEC chairperson changed this demand of the law.

The opposition will send information to local and international observation missions. The United Opposition calls on the third sector to be involved in the monitoring.