23 February 2020,   18:10
Hunting for votes and pressure on private sector employees - Management of "Saba" Center requests personal data from staff

Hunting for votes and pressure on private sector employees - the head of the shopping center demands personal data from employees and forces them to support Salome Zourabichvili.

Courier got hold of the messages sent by the administration, in which they requested employees to bring a copy of their IDs.

The courier source informs that the administration is holding meetings with the employees and calls on them to support Salome Zurabishvili. According to the source, the meetings started after the first round and the request for the official data started after that .

"Please submit to the administration of the Saba center within a week a copy of the Identity Card with a telephone number, legal and actual addresses of personnel working on the territory of Saba- shop assistants, drivers, cleaning workers and other ," - says the notification.

The courier crew was not allowed to interact with the employees.

The security explained that the administration is not in the office since it was not a working day.