27 June 2019,   17:24
"The position of diplomats is that the interests of a public servant should be protected" - Tengiz Pkhaladze about changes in the law on public servants

After the NGO sector, the president`s administration members discussed dubious amendments with diplomats. Meeting with Ambassadors accredited in Georgia lasted for about an hour in the President"s Palace. The meeting was closed for media.
The members of the president"s administration talked about the dangers that public officials and democratic institutions in the country face due to the ruling team"s initiative.
Tengiz Pkhaladze, president`s advisor on Foreign Affairs , made a statement after the meeting.
Pkhaladze says that after the inauguration of the elected president, along with the president, his team leaves the administration. However, Pkhaladze said that in this case there are people who are apolitical and work in the administration since the first president.According to the adviser to the President of Georgia, diplomats are interested in how the public service reform will be implemented in Georgia.
The Parliament will consider changes in the Law on Public Servants in an accelerated manner, which gives Salome Zourabichvili a right to release the staff without any explanation and compensation.