27 February 2020,   20:14
"State Institutions have fallen apart" - Tako Charkviani will officially establish a new political union today

"Law and Justice" - Tako Charkviani"s new political union will be officially established today. Preparations in pavilion 3 of "ExpoGeorgia" 3rd are already underway. Charkviani`s supporters and union delegates will soon begin the meeting."Law and Justice" will be the pro-Western right-wing political union that will work on the creation of an anti-corruption law.It is well known that the party is going to cooperate with the United Opposition.
" This is crisis. State institutions have been falling apart, and that is done purposefully. I think that is sabotage against the country. If anyone asks me what this country lacks, I will tell you - law and justice because corruption and injustice are widespread, "said Tako Charkviani.