27 February 2020,   08:59
Queen sues the King- Ana Bagration-Gruzinsky accuses Davit Bagration-Mukhraneli of using royal family name without permission

Bagrationi Kingdom Games - Queen sues the King . The royal family blames the former son-in-law in swindling.The city court will discuss the royal family"s confrontation for the first time in the history of justice in Georgia.
Nugzar and Anna Bagration-Gruzinski accuse Davit Bagration-Mukhraneli of using the Royal Family name without permission.
Due to the complexity of the case, it will be considered by the special board of three judges in the city court. The process will start tomorrow.The royal family lawyer calls Bagrationi-Mukhraneli a fabricator of history and names specific facts and meetings held in the name of the Kingdom of Georgia. The family demands to ban Bagradian-Mukhraneli to use the Name of the Royal family of Georgia and to pay a symbolic one lari as compensation for moral damage. On the other hand, the plaintiff calls the party self-proclaimed.