20 January 2020,   01:00
Kasim Gakhramanov beaten in Krtsanisi Training Center was taken to Hospital

The young man,  beaten in Krtsanisi Training Center, has recently been taken to hospitall.
According to the doctor, complete diagnosis can only be established after a full study.
Fazad Gakhramanov`s brother , Fuad said that his brother contacted his family in the morning and said that he was beaten.
"When my father arrived, my brother was severely beaten. He told him that the senior soldiers had entered a room and asked for money, then they started beating, and the sergeant was present, standing up and watching the show. This is the second case in this military unit, why nobody is paying any attention to this injustice and violence, "- said Fuad Gakhramanov.
The Ministry of Defense is engaged in an unprecedented scandal. The conscripts talked about money extortion and physical assault. Kasim accuses the soldiers of physical violence. According to him, they were extorting money and when they were refused physically abused him.