20 January 2020,   01:54
Intensified Opinion exchange - Aleko Elisashvili may run for Mtatsminda district majoritarian MP

The intensified exchange of opinions is taking place - this allegation was made by Aleko Elisashvili, the founder of the Civil Movement about his possible participation in the Mtatsminda election. The midterm elections will be held in Mtatsminda district in spring, but the exact date is unknown yet.
One of the candidates with whom opposition parties are negotiating is Aleko Elisashvili. This information is confirmed by the former nominee for mayor"s position, though Elisashvili himself has not made a decision yet.
Aleko Elisashvili says that there is a conversation about the fact that if he puts his own candidacy in the mid-term elections, he will be the only opposition candidate to oppose the ruling.
The need for holding midterm elections in Mtatsminda district has been put on the agenda after choosing Salome Zourabichvili as president. Salome Zourabichvili was in the parliament district as a majoritarian MP of Mtatsminda, but after her election, her authority was terminated.