20 January 2020,   02:10
Ana Dolidze may be one of the candidates in the Mtatsminda district election

Intermediate elections to Mtatsminda majoritarian constituency - one of the candidates who will run for elections will allegedly be non-judge member of the Supreme Council of Justice Anna Dolidze. Ana Dolidze does not confirm or deny this fact and says that anyone who is a candidate should be a good person who speaks in the name of the people in the parliament and is critical."
"In fact, it is not important who will take part in this fight. It will be me and maybe not because I have a very big fight in the High Council of Justice. It is important that the person be a clean person, a man who will destroy this already dead parliament and the majority and the man who will be supported by the entire opposition spectrum, and not only the opposition spectrum, by our population, which is waiting for someone who will bring "Georgian Dream" to the end, "- said Anna Dolidze.
The need for holding midterm elections in Mtatsminda district has been put on the agenda after choosing Salome Zourabichvili as president. Salome Zourabichvili was in the parliament as a majoritarian MP of Mtatsminda district , but after her election, her authority was terminated.In the Mtatsminda District, midterm elections are held in spring of 2019.