28 January 2020,   13:24
Courier contacted people who confirm connection between Koka Kandiashvili and Fake news creator company

A cyber attack on TBC Bank - a company from which a cyber attack on one of the largest financial institutions has been conductednis in Rustaveli avenue.
In the letter sent by Mamuka Khazaradze to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is said that not only cyber attack on the bank was carried out from the company"s office, but the same office has fake accounts in social network.The company is owned by 24-year-old Yuri Muradyan. He founded the company at the age of 20, in 2015. He is also the owner of one more company Trip In Georgia Ltd.The company"s director Margarita Beridze told the Courier that the firm belongs to her and she transferred the 100-percent shares of the company to Muradyan since he wrote a program for her.
Muradyan is one of the strongest specialists in computer systems.Courier has found people who confirm the links of the head of the press service, Koka Kandiashvili and Yuri Muradyan.
There is a reasonable doubt that Muradyanwas Koka Kandiashvili`s right hand in the Trolley factory and the program of the campaign was planned by the press secretary.
The respondent, who identity the Courier does not reveal, met with Yuri Muradyan in the Rustaveli 12 a few months ago. The young man recalls that he was asked to send his Facebook profile before joining the meeting. In a few hours Koka Kandiashvili liked his activities in the social network, which resulted in the summoning of the sound producer to Rustaveli 12.
The young man says that he got acquainted with Yuri Muradyan as the head of the company.According to the respondent, his attention was drawn to the board hanging in the room where the so-called " list of opposition political leaders and civil activists was written.According to him, Muradyan confirmed that the head of the PR group the Dream he was involved in the activities of the Office.
For the second week already, Koka Kandiashvili does not answer the Courier phone calls and short text messages.