17 June 2019,   17:46
Before listening to MPs" questions Tsulukiani talks about planned reforms

A post, retained with ultimatum and details of the secret deal with the Prime Minister. Tea Tsulukiani is already in the parliament. The opposition is waiting for a public explanation from the minister.

Mps want to know how one of the most unsuccessful members of the Georgian Dream"s cabinet maintains permanent position and what caused the last disagreement between her and Mamuka Bakhtadze.

Tea Tsulukiani, along with David Sergeenko, is a rare exception, who remains on the position of minister from the first day of Bidzina Ivanishvili"s arrival in power.

Before moving to the question-answer regime, the Minister of Justice spoke about the legislative amendments and reforms implemented by her ministry and what the agency intends to do.

According to Tsulukiani, the services of the Ministry of Justice are significantly improved.

According to Tsulukiani, the Ministry of Justice is going to introduce the Mediation Service.