14 October 2019,   08:52
Sometimes there are some misunderstandings, we can not hear even the name of the bill, which is being voted - MPs ask Kobakhidze for help

89 for and 31 against - Parliament approved the draft law on the rule of appointing judges of the Supreme Court with the first hearing. The draft law initiated by "European Georgia" was voted at the session as well.

However, the parliament failed it with only 24 supporters against 42.

The voting process has become the subject of irony of the opposition. Giga Bokeria called on his colleagues to think about the alternative ways of the voting, after the majority was not able to dismiss Zviad Kvachantiradze from the post of the chairma of the ruling team.

"My initiative, to use a box has not been followed by a positive response. I have a new proposal to avoid a misunderstanding, let"s act like Britain. Do you know that they count heads? There are supporters in one room and opponents in another. This process is called "headcount.""- Giga Bokeria said.

It was revealed today that some members of the parliamentary majority participate in voting, but they do not even know what kind of bill they are discussing. The problem is the acoustics existing in the session hall, and the MPs sitting in the back row do not understand the sound."Nothing can be heard at all, so sometimes there are some misunderstandings and we can not even figure out about which law are they speaking," said Giorgi Gachechiladze, chairman of the faction "Georgian Dream - Greens".