21 August 2019,   21:01
When I was looking at you standing on the tribune, you were no longer a victim, you were a butcher - Chiaberashvili addresses Gvenetadze

TBC Bank Case - Most of the MPs" questions concerned this case.

The parliamentary opposition demanded to prove that he was acting independently regarding the case of TBC bank and the case was not political.

Gvenetadze"s statements have caused even more criticism from the opposition.

One of the leaders of "European Georgia" called him a butcher.

According to Chiaberashvili, Koba Gvenetadze from the parliamentary tribune deliberately distort facts.
" When I see you on the tribune today, you are no longer a victim. You are a butcher, who deliberately distorts facts," Zurab Chiaberashvili told Koba Gvenetadze.