18 July 2019,   22:12
Large -scale special operation in Barselona- first comment of the Consul of Georgia

The Georgian Consul makes the first comment on the large-scale special operation in Barcelona, during which Georgian citizens were detained. Ketevan Gogolashvili says that she does not have official information about yesterday"s special operation but says that 66 Georgian citizens were detained.
According to the Consul, 6 detainees were released yesterday. According to her, the trial of 60 detainees should be completed today. According to her, part of the detainees will be sent to prison as preventive measure, while some will be placed in immigration office.
According to the "Courier", the trial of the 16 detainees has been recently completed , after which the judge went on a break.
The hearing will be resumed at 17:00 local time. According to the "Courier", the trial of 30 citizens of Georgia should be completed today.