18 July 2019,   22:13
Impaired GEL. - economists talk about wrong economic policy of government and National Bank

National currency continues to impair. The official price of one USD is 2.6916 GEL. Experts talk about the wrong economic policy, which they say, contributes to the impairment of the Lari.
Experts in the field speak of the need for attracting more investments and the need for proper economic policy.
Experts have also criticized the National Bank"s policy . Economists say that if not the accumulation of reserves in the country, the dollar rate would be much lower.
"First of all we have a wrong economic policy. The fact is that this policy has only brought negative result, more people are affected, more people have difficulty living and for more people loans have become more expensive, the other expenditures are rising and life is getting worse, "- said economist Zviad Khorguashvili.