21 August 2019,   20:54
"The Venice Commission has doubts that there is some informal agreement in the Parliament of Georgia and the High Council of Justice," - Nazi Janezashvili

Non-judge members of the Council of Justice responded to the recommendations published by the Venice Commission on the rule of selection of the Supreme Court judges.
According to Nazi Janezashvili, the non-judge member of the council, it is clear that the Venice Commission expresses distrust to the Parliament of Georgia and the High Council of Justice regarding this issue.
According to her, the recommendation of the Commission indicates that the Parliament should not appoint the full composition of the Supreme Court.
"I welcome this recommendation showing that the Venice Commission supports the diversity. Apparently, the Venice Commission had doubts that the Parliament of Georgia and the Supreme Council of Justice have some kind of informal agreement, "- says Janezashvili.
Ana Dolidze, the non-judge member of the Council of Justice, also deems important recommendations of the Venice Commission. According to her, it will be interesting to see how the foreign partners" recommendations are fulfilled by the Chairman of the Parliament.