21 September 2019,   01:17
State Security report - debate is expected in Parliament today

Debates are expected in the parliament today. At the joint sitting of the three committees, lawmakers should consider the report of the State Security Service for 2018.
The occupied territories of Georgia and the policy of the State Security - this is the main direction, in which there is an extensive document. The report states that the main challenges are the growing militarization of occupied territories, discrimination of ethnic Georgians, restriction of freedom of movement for the population and the process of non-formal annexation by Russia.
" The report describes the threats coming from the territories occupied by the Russian Federation"s and the uncontrolled situation there. It is also about the activities of foreign special services, their interests and aspirations, "said Irakli Beraia, the first deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee for defense and security.
The opposition criticizes the work of the State Security Service and accuses the agency of fulfilling political tasks.
"The main claim against the State Security is that they do not directly perform their duties and spend 130 million lari not on taking care of the security of the country, but on fulfilling the role of the political police. The State Security Service is turned into one of the main instruments of the Georgian Dream"s election campaign - persecution of representatives of political parties, oppression of the voters and all resources are spent to maintain power, "says Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the UNM.