18 September 2019,   16:15
Ukraine"s Presidential Elections - Vladimir Zelensky received more than 73% of votes

Counting of votes in Ukraine"s CEC is still in progress. After counting 70% of ballot papers it is known that Vladimir Zelensky received more than 73% of the votes.
Poroshenko has 24.6%.
World leaders congratulate on the victory the elected president. Zelensky has already talked with Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.
The NATO Secretary General has responded to the results of the election and expressed the willingness to continue cooperation with Ukraine.
According to the Ukrainian Central Election Commission, the official results will be announced on April 30.
"In relations with Russia, we will continue to work in Minsk, but we will have new appointments and we will bring the case to the end, to the ceasefire.
" Naturally, except for Minsk negotiations, our main task is to return all our detained citizens, all captive soldiers and our sailors. The main goal. I do not know whether I have the right to say that today I do not have the official status of the Ukrainian president, and I spoke with the parents of the sailors who were detained and I promised them that I would do our best to get them back home.
"Of course this is our priority, - Zelensky said.