02 July 2020,   14:15
"Whom will they arrest? W all were participants,"- Locals in Pankisi say, they will not allow to detain anyone

Situation is calm after yesterday"s confrontation in the Pankisi Gorge. During the day the locals are going to hold a meeting and agree on the action plan. As they say, construction of HPP will not be allowed.

At the same time, the population is ready to accept the government "s offer and start negotiation.

Locals say that they will not allow to arrest anyone."What was the need to bring here the army? Whom are they going to detain? We all were participants," - says Nodar Borchashvili, local resident.
Locals protest the announcement, made by the Interior Minister yesterday, that footages will show, who participated in a confrontation and everyone, who violated the law, will be detained.