21 August 2019,   20:54
"His life in under danger" - health condition of Afgan Mukhtarli who is in prison in Azerbaijan has deteriorated

The health condition of Aghan Mukhtarli, a journalist kidnapped from Tbilisi, has deteriorated sharply.
According to his wife, he is suffering from unbearable pains in the eye area, has serious problems with the urinary system, high blood pressure and diabetes.
According to Leila Mustafayeva, despite all that he has not been even seen by a doctor.
"The condition of Afgan Mukhtar has worsened in Azerbaijani prison in the last period. Naturally he dose not have any kind of treatment. His life is threatened by the real danger and of course the Azerbaijani government and the Georgian authorities are responsible for this, "said Archil Chopikashvili, lawyer of Afgan Mukhtarli.
Afgan Mukhtarli has been sentenced to six years in prison. Despite the international community"s protests, all three instances of court in Azerbaijan have found Afgan Mukhtarli guilty.