14 October 2019,   04:01
Non-governmental organizations work in emergency regime in the elections.

 The third sector will observe especially those election districts where the most violations were revealed during the presidential election.
Part of NGOs will hold several briefings during the day and inform the population about the violations.
Executive Director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy Mikheil Benidze says that special attention will be paid to Zugdidi, Marneuli and Mtatsminda election districts.
"We will have special focus on three districts, it is Zugdidi, Marneuli and Mtatsminda electoral districts. We, in total, will be represented by about 250 people, up to 250 observers, who will be distributed to different districts. We will be present at all polling stations in Zugdidi, Marneuli and Mtatsminda districts and we will carry parallel counting of votes in all three districts, "said Benidze.
Members of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association will also observe the elections. According to Vakhushti Menabde, the observers are distributed at different precincts and count all possible violations.
"Special attention was paid to Zugdidi, Mtatsminda and Marneuli. About 20 representatives in Zugdidi are observing, about the same amount of Marneuli and we will have the same number on Mtatsminda, "Vakhushti Menabde said.
The Organization "Multinational Georgia" will work in emergency regime in connection with the elections.
"We are ready at any time when to provide the voters with results of our observations," said Alexandra Kalatozishvili, representative of "Multinational Georgia".
The process of the elections is actively observed by the Center for Development and Democracy. The head of the organization says that the biggest focus will be made on Marneuli.
"We are actively looking at all capacities within our capabilities. Marneuli town has more emphasis, because the biggest activity is fixed here, "said Mari Bendeliani.