17 September 2019,   15:29
Confrontation and restriction of observers` rights - "Fair Elections" Speak of Violations in Election Precincts

Elections in Georgia - "Fair Elections" talk about violations revealed at 14:00.
Mikheil Benidze declares that the most violations are in Zugdidi and Marneuli. As regards the forms of violations, Benidze specifies that the voter bribery and physical confrontation took place.
"In the number of polling stations, procedural violations were observed. In several precincts of Zugdidi and Marneuli the observers`rights have been restricted. At this stage there are a number of violations in Marneuli polling station # 68, where ballot papers and various procedural violations have been observed, besides the restriction of observer"s rights. Physical confrontation and disturbance were observed in Zugdidi and Marneuli polling stations. Mobilization of party activists in the vicinity of the polling stations is also observed in most districts, "said Benidze.