24 January 2020,   04:03
President"s Deliberate Steps or Unconscious Error - Davit Gareji"s dispute can impair relations between two countries

Davit Gareji"s problem and the statement of the president, who has caused confrontation with the strategic partner Azerbaijan - after Salome Zourabichvili declared openly about the border delimitation, the situation in the monastery complex got strained.
The Gareji area was a disputed area under various governments, but by means of the private relations and negotiations, the issue was suspended.
Expert circles think that the president, who is the chief commander of the country and the main diplomat, fails to understand what the consequences may bring her statements. Or if she understands what she says and does, then she intentionally strained the situation with Azerbaijan and has once again played the Russian game, which she has done repeatedly, bringing Georgia more and more closer to
Russian slavery.
The third president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili offers the Georgian government a transitional decision to solve the problem. According to him, before the border issues are resolved, temporary checkpoints should be placed and the uninterrupted movement to the population of the two countries should be ensured.