03 April 2020,   11:53
Davit Gareji issue - acute debate of MPs and mutual accusations in the session hall

The noisy sitting in parliament - former government accused of selling David Gareja. Irma Inashvili requested to involve the Prosecutor"s Office and investigate the activities of those people who work on establishing the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan.
The opposition"s response was much larger than the allegations.MPs of the "National Movement" and "European Georgia" accuse the "Georgian Dream" and its satellite patriots alliance in carrying out the Kremlin scenario aimed at radicalizing Georgia-Azerbaijan relations.
At the noisy session, politicians reminded each other about the past, some of the previous 9 years, while others were talking about the Soviet period.
According to the Opposition, the campaign of the Patriots Alliance on David Gareji is part of the Russian plan. According to them, Moscow is trying to tense relations between Georgia and its neighbor. Tina Bokuchava accused the ruling party in carrying out Russian tasks and named an American study, for example, saying that after the Georgian Dream"s government came to power, the Russian intelligence network managed to regain control.