20 February 2020,   21:07
The possible accelerated accession of Georgia in NATO is alarming for Russia - another threat of Karasin

Russia is concerned about the possible accelerated accession of Georgia into NATO, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said in an interview with Radio Liberty before another round of Abashidze-Karasin meeting.
Gregory Karasin said that accelerated accession of Georgia will affect the relations with Russia. Gregory Karasin spoke about the port of Anaklia and said that Russia is not content with the tone of the statement when the US Secretary of State Pompe talked about the influence of Russia and China over Georgia.
""These people believe that Georgia is the part of a certain block that could be backbone during some activities that are directed against the Russian Federation ... And they are preparing for NATO"s December Summit. US Secretary of State Mike Pompey has openly stated that Georgia’s NATO membership should be accelerated. To our mind, this will have a catastrophic effect on our relationship, "Karasin said.,