19 February 2020,   13:34
Beselia speaks about new circumstances of case, regarding private life footage


" Circumstances coincidence with somebody"s name, I have already named suspicious persons, "- Eka Beselia speaks about the case regarding private life footage. She states that the reasonable time for investigation has expired. However, the investigative agency has not any results.

According to Eka Beselia, there are two reasons for this - the authorities are either guilty or unable to investigate the case, which is a sign of weakness.

She is convinced that the purpose of a release of the footage was ti silent her.

"These examples indicate that there is a serious problem, including the blackmail of people during of " Georgian Dream "rule. I am looking forward for implementation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, who told on a public session that the culprits will be named soon,"- Beselia said.

According to her after establishing a new party she will talk about details of the case and name suspicious circumstances.
According to the MP, she cooperates with the investigation, knows the materials, where she found many suspicious circumstances.