23 February 2020,   12:05
The state is obliged to ensure the constitutional right of all citizens to express their opinion - Samadashvili

"The freedom of expression is the right guaranteed by the constitution " - the opposition calls on the government not to ban holding the "Tbilisi Pride" in the country"s capital. According to one of the leaders of the National Movement, Salome Samadashvili, the freedom of expression is the right protected by the Constitution and the government should not allow it to be restricted. According to Samadashvili, the relevant state agencies are responsible for the protection of all participants of "Tbilisi Pride".
Let us remind you that the Patriarchate has released a statement regarding "Tbilisi pride" today. The statement states that the lifestyle of LGBT persons is a sodomite sin and thus contrary to the Christian faith and traditional religious teachings, as well as the general morality. The patriarchate states certain LGBT groups and their supporters present information to foreign countries, as if they are under much duress and persecution, and receive significant funding based on this argumentation.