25 February 2020,   00:44
The statements we hear are beyond our friendly relationship, such statements are unacceptable - Kakha Kaladze

The statements we hear are beyond our friendly relationship. Such a comment made Tbilisi Mayor while talking about the series of letters from the US Congressmen.

“The statements we hear from them are beyond our friendly relationships. You know that U.S. is our strategic partner and legislators of the strategic partner country should not speak to a friendly country like this. Especially when it comes to a company of dubious reputation. This problem existed when I was a minister and I am well aware of it. I mean Frontera.

We started the arbitration process and I am sure they are well aware that they will definitely lose the case. We will certainly defend the state interests of our country and will certainly protect our companies. That is exactly why it is a matter of arbitration and I am sure that the Oil and Gas Corporation will win this dispute. This tone is absolutely unacceptable and such statements are absolutely unacceptable”, - concluded Kaladze.