26 September 2018,   13:44
"Rustavi 2", "Imedi", "Maestro", "GDS", "Marao" and "Comedy Channel" - Cable Operators Turn Off Broadcast

Cable operators have suspended the broadcasting of Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro, GDS, Marao, and Comedy channel from 12:00 pm. The reason is the amount of money demanded from " Media Rights Georgia" for broadcasting Georgian channels.

Teona Beruashvili, the director of the Union of Cable TV Companies, states that cable operators had ineffective negotiations and broadcast of all six channels has been suspended.

"This is a protest shutdown. Everyone has the right to protest. It is envisaged by law. This is a kind of warning, "Teona Beruashvili said.

Zaza Agladze, a representative of "Newcomp", suggests that due to the elections the broadcast may be resumed.