18 October 2018,   03:49
Some of the cable broadcasters left their subscribers without six Georgian channels

Some of the cable broadcasters cut off 6 Georgian channels. The reason for which part of the subscribers can not view the desired channel at this moment is a financial dispute.

From the morning subscribers who pay money for the service of cable operators and buy the service, cannot watch Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro, GDS, Marao and Comedy Channel

That decision to cut off six Georgian channels, part of cable broadcasters announced today at a special briefing.

Cable operators who are paid by subscribers for service are still paying only a part of the revenue received to foreign channels.

After the Georgian TV companies demanded similar compensation, cable operators left their subscribers without the top rated Georgian broadcasters.

Today MagtiCom and Silknet, the country"s largest cable operators, .have released a statement.

MagtiCom"s statement says that it agrees with the world practice of paying the TV companies . While Silknet is going to hold separate talks with televisions.