19 October 2018,   07:42
Fostering Regime of Constitutional Reform - Confrontation between Parliamentary Opposition and Ruling Team Continues

The parliamentary opposition states that a need for a new amendment to the constitution is a result of the expedited mode of the constitutional reform.

The MPs criticized the Georgian Dream for one-party changes in the country`s main law and said that the parliamentary majority is trying to save its image only through the amendments.

"If the" Georgian Dream "really had the intention to receive a normal constitution that reflected the opinion of the public, they had a chance to do so, even when the president imposed a veto and motivated remarks. Unfortunately, "Georgian Dream" did not use this chance and they got a version at their hands, which is suitable only for them, "- said Tinatin Bokuchava, member of" UNM ".

According to "European Georgia" it would be good if the President of Georgia did not sign the constitution because the party believes that "Georgian Dream" will be left alone with an unsigned document.

"In our opinion, it will be good if the Georgian Dream is left alone, because in the end the constitution, which was adopted , is the document of the Georgian Dream," -said Levan Tarkhnishvili, member of "European Georgia".

. Members of the parliamentary majority say that all the recommendations of the Venice Commission are reflected in the key positions of the document received three hearings .