24 June 2019,   16:29
Case of deceased referee in Guria - football world calls family allegation sabsurd

Lanchkhuti team and the referee committee ruled out the version of sold games in the case of the deceased referee in Guria . Family accusations iare called absurd in the football world .

Mamuka Elikashvili, senior manager of football referee development agency of Georgian Football Federation, explained that the referees have very large wages and they do not enter illegal transactions. According to him, they do not have information about the incident

Investigation is underway with the qualification of driving to suicide, with which the wife of the referee Ilo Glonti does not agre. She recalls a meeting a day before the incident. According to her, the representatives of the Football Federation visited the referee and had a tense conversation during which the amount 5 thousand GEL was mentioned.

According to the deceased"s spouse, the referee was prohibited to disclose information and did not tell anything to the family members.

Reportedly, it is about the match between Lurchkhuti "Guria" and "Telavi" team, where Guria lost and left the second league.