16 July 2024,   15:34
"RMG GOLD" pays cents in the budget and earns millions "- Giorgi Vashadze

Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture visited Dmanisi where he met RMG GOLD representatives and openly observed that the company has significant violations. The chairman of the party "New Georgia" made this statement. According to Giorgi Vashadze, the struggle of the United Opposition for saving Dmanisi has already produced the first results and it is also seen from the minister"s statements.

"It once again indicates that today there are some people in the Government who are trying to save faces of the authorities," said Giorgi Vashadze.

He also submitted two documents about the transfer of funds to the budget by RMG GOLD and noted that, unlike the Dmanisi municipality, the Ministry of Finance"s Revenue Service, based on the fact that expenditues were a commercial secret did not provide the information .

"RMG GOLD pays cents in the budget and earns millions," said Giorgi Vashadze.

It is also known today that the Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture is expected in Parliament tomorrow. Tina Bokuchava, a member of the "National Movement", says he will have to answer the acute questions.
According to Bokuchava, it is necessary to create an investigative commission that will study ecological disaster in Bolnisi and Dmanisi.