24 May 2024,   15:01
Attack at Nigerian students - beaten students are being questioned in Dighomi police station

The attack at Nigerian students - at this time Digomi police are questioning foreign students. Yesterday they were confronted by several residents of Beliashvili Street.

The beaten students are now being interrogated by the investigators. The case was launched yesterday on the basis of violence. The young men had previously stated that the police called during the fight advised them to forget the incident.

Shota Tutberidze, a lawyer for the "Tolerance and Diversity Institute", said that there are traces of racial discrimination in the case and the article should be requalified.

"It is a crime based on discriminatory motives. Consequently, it is possible and is likely to r be charfed under Article 142 pertaining to discrimination ... The forms of address used by the abusers indicate that the main cause of violence was the different color of the skin and the different nationality " - stated Tutberidze.

According to the NGO representative, the witnesses noted that law enforcers were ironic after the accident and asked them to forget the incident.