23 May 2024,   23:31
Change of Party Funding Rule - Opposition Speaks of Privileges for "Georgian Dream" Satellite Parties

On the background of acute confrontation in the parliamentary majority, the ruling team has approved the draft law that had been previously rejected three times. According to the law on political parties, the rule of party financing is radically changing.

The opposition claims that this is the privileged position for the "Georgian Dream" satellite parties, although the most privileged remains the ruling party .

According to the law, overcoming 3% threshold is not necessary to get the financing and status of a qualified party. It is enough for the party to have one majoritarian MP in the parliament to get one million GEL from the budget during the year.

The opposition has doubts that "Georgian Dream" will support one of the majoritarian MPs from its satellite parties in the 2020 parliamentary elections, then will lend them 6 MPs in the parliament and the faction will be created, but instead the party will receive a million from the budget.

After the parliamentary elections in 2016, the Georgian Dream"s has so-called " 4 satellites- "greens", "conservatives", "social democrats" and "industrialists."

"Industrialists" are the first ones to be financed after the enactment of the new law with 736 thousand GEL from the budget.

The opposition and the civil sector call on the president to use the veto on the law adopted by the Georgian Dream.