23 May 2024,   23:12
Serious topic is the topic of "Rustavi 2" ... one cannot interfere into media activities - Lasha Tugushi

Media experts respond to the report of the US State Department, where the Rustavi 2 TV case and the media environment in Georgia in general are mentioned,

The report emphasizes the concerns of various organizations regarding the interference of the government in critical media and the problem of media pluralism. The document also deals with the problem of independence of the judiciary.

Media expert Lasha Tugushi says that the problems that are named in the report are damaging the country"s image.

"Very serious topic is the internal theme of" Rustavi 2 "and now washing hands and sayng that this is something internal and we are not in the middle of it, no one will ever believe. It damages not only on the image but also the general perspective of the country, its development because one cannot interfere into the Court, one cannot interfere in media activities , cannot interfere in the ownership rights. This is not the topics that will be hidden, it can not be hidden, "- said the media expert Tughushi .