24 May 2024,   13:24
Swearing and throwing eggs in Vake Park - Valeri Kvaratskhelia and other detainees released

A confrontation between members of the Socialist and Communist parties and the anti-occupation Movement " Strength is in Unity" supporters took place in the Vake Park earlier today.

"The organizations funded by Russia and Russian money are very openly aggressive. They insulted women, who were with us and we had responsive reaction,"- says Nikoloz Shavkhulashvili, one of the supporters of the movement.

Grisha Oniani, the chairman of the Stalin Society says that they had a peaceful gathering and a woman threw eggs into Valeri Kvaratskhelia.

According to Davit Katsarava, the founder of the movement " Strength is in Unity" when people mock anti-occupation forces, this already is " a symptom" .

Because of the incident, police detained three persons, including Valeri Kvaratskhelia. The detainees are already freed.

The case has been launched under Article 166 of the Administrative Code, which implies a breach of public order.