18 June 2024,   21:41
Special Operation in Greece - 17 Georgians Detained

Another large-scale operation against criminal gangs.-Greek police has arrested 17 citizens of Georgia, including two women. The detainees are accused of plundering more than 100 houses. However, money and evidences have not been found during the search operation. According to the official version Georgian citizens acted as four-member groups and were immediately selling the stolen items and the money was transferred to Georgia.

According to the Georgian law enforcers, criminal group was controlled by Nodar Shukakidze, so-called "Gldansky".

Most of the relatives of the detainee do not know why 17 Georgian citizens have been detained in Greece and what they are accused of. Family members of people close to the criminal world say "Courier" argue that citizens who have been taken out of the special operation have been working in Georgia from another country.