17 June 2024,   05:42
Prosecutor"s office publicizes evidence on Khorava street case

The Chief Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia disseminated photo material, taken on the place of the murder of teenagers on Khorava Street, which is presented as evidence in the case.

A special briefing was held a few minutes ago. According to Shotadze"s agency, due to the high interest of the society, they are obliged to make an explanation on the issues that are relevant.

At the briefing held at the Prosecutor"s Office, it was announced that the medical scissors had been seized, which belonged to medical personnel who came on the place.

"The circumstances have been confirmed by the testimonies of doctors who have no basis for false indication.

We would like to emphasize that all investigative acts, including interrogation of witnesses, have mot confirmed existence of other additional objects," said the Prosecutor"s Office at the briefing.