18 June 2024,   22:18
Scandalous video footage taken in Geguti prison is a cause for blaming policemen in violence

The video footage taken in Geguti prison became a reason for blaming policemen in violence. The video footage shows that six policemen are trying to take a DNA sample using force from Nodar Gubeladze .

The accused says several times that he is ill and needs medical help, but the police continue to take genetic material by using force.

In the video recording the voice of the lawyer is heard who is talking about the use of disproportionate force, however, lawenforcers do not react to the lawyer"s remarks.

Police officers who are in the footage are employees of Khelvachauri division. The lawyer accuses them of abuse of power and claims that the prisoner became victim of inhuman treatment in prison.

Ministry of Internal Affairs claims that the court had sentenced the accused to sundergo a DNA test .

The accused Nodar Gubeladze was detained by the police two months ago for robbery. According to the investigation, Gubeladze, along with the two accomplices, strangled the elderly brothers, tortured them and took away valuables.

Nodar Gubeladze"s father says that his son"s detention was preceded by a number of cases that make the prisoner"s family suspicious of pressure on the accused.

According to Gocha Gubeladze, about a month ago, law enforcers seized his son"s key from the house, and in several days they found weapons and drugs in his home.

Scandalous video footage of Geguti prison is a gross violation of the presumption of innocence for human rights defenders.

Public Defender also started to study Nodar Gubeladze"s case. However, the ombudsman"s office does not see violations of the prisoner"s rights in scandalous video footage