04 December 2021,   05:23
The issue of legitimization of Patriarch"s locum tenens - Scandalous statement of Archbishop Gregory one day before the Synod meeting

After a seven-month pause a meeting of the Synod will be held tomorrow. A day before the Synod session, Metropolitan of Poti and Khobi Grigol made a scandalous statement. He discussed the crisis in the Patriarchate with the bishops of his own Diocese and discussed the question of legitimization of Patriarch"s locum tenens Bishop Shio.

"After the locum tenens of the Catholicos-Patriarch was named, the church turned out to be in an unusual expectation mode. This is a logical continuation of interpretations regarding the future Patriarch "- said Grigol.

Theologians talk about the results of the meeting tomorrow. According to them, tomorrow some issues will be discussed at the Synod session. According to theologians, the synod should decide whether or not the Archbishop Shio will be deprived of the status quo.

According to theologians, the tomorrow"s Synod session will be one of the worst. Experts estimate that there is a big crisis in the church.