30 November 2023,   20:35
"This is espionage," - Zviad Kuprava sues chairperson of Human Rights Committee

Zviad Kuprava sued Sopho Kiladze, the Chairperson of Human Rights Committee and appeals to the Prosecutor"s Office. Where from the Chairperson had the information that Kuprava was in Vilnius? - This is the main question that Kuprava requests from the agency. Sopho Kiladze asked the founder of "Law Enforcement Reform Center" about his visit to Vilnius at the session of the parliamentary investigative commission. Kuprava doubts that the country"s security services are watching him. Today Zviad Kuprava will be interviewed at Vake-Saburtalo division. The incident is related to the incident that took place about a month ago in the City Court"s dining room, when Zaza Saralidze and Zviad Kuprava were attacked by policemen.

"I have not talked to anyone about it either, nor did I talk to Sopho Kiladze about it, it is very important to investigate where from Sopho Kiladze was informed that I was in Vilnius, because surveillance in foreign countries is a violation of the law , this is espionage," said Zviad Kuprava.