19 July 2024,   04:30
"Everything is taken away," - shots from Svaneti where the disaster is raging

The "Courier" crew was able to take pictures of the area where people are asking for help.

In the Nenskra Gorge, the Mountains collapsed into the Okrila River and blocked the river bed. After that the water started to blaze quickly, in parallel the river bed has changed.

The flooded river has swept away houses in Svaneti, bridges are destroyed, wooden factories are destroyed, they are looking for and can not find cars. Electricity is disconnected . There is a danger that the disaster will be repeated again at night.

"Courier" was able to interview the residents who have left homes for the threat.

"We are cutting off from everything. No one has come, you are the first ones. The population is moving away ... the whole houses have been washed away, "said locals.

The locals protested against building the Nenskra HPP.