24 October 2020,   22:35
Irma Inashvili does not believe that Bidzina Ivanishvili requested funding of Patriots Alliance from Zaza Okuashvili

Irma Inashvili, the leader of "Patriots Alliance," responded to Zaza Okuashvili"s statement, which the businessman made in "Weekly Accents" and said that Bidzina Ivanishvili asked him to fund the "Alliance of Patriots."

Inashvili says she has never even asked Okuashvili for financial support.

"Frankly and clearly, during this two years, the Alliance of Patriots did not ask for financial support in any event for Mr. Zaza.

I cannot understand if I did not ask why someone would ask instead of me. I suspect that he is not saying the trueth, and it would be good if Zaza Okuashvili spoke the trueth, "said Irma Inashvili.

He also said that like the opposition, the Interior Minister and former Chief Prosecutors have come to Parliament, but Inashvili says that the National Movement does not have moral right to talk about business racket and pressure on media.