04 February 2023,   07:29
"Your duty is to cover up not the artificial tensions but my opinions" - Salome Zurabichvili

Rustavi 2 and journalists have once again become the object of criticism from Salome Zurabichvili. "Salome Zurabichvili told journalists that they should cover not the demonstrations, but her speeches.

"Televisions pay more attention to it, than my speeches,which should be decisive voter. The fact that the two men are shouting outside is not decisive for the elections. Your duty is to cover my proposals and my opinions, not just the artificial tension, "Salome Zourabichvili said.

After the journalist of Rustavi 2told her that it was not up to Zurabishvili to decide what to cover up, the candidate said that meidia has a right to choose what to say.

Salome Zurabichvili made a statement in Gardabani where she held a meeting with the electorate.